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Real Estate Tokenization

Tokenization of real estate with a custody model will create many benefits for the owners of the real estate, as well as for the institutional and retail investors. These benefits will include the creation of a primary and secondary market place, to trade the real estate assets in token form, and will allow investors to participate with small to institutional levels of investment. This will facilitate hedging, liquidity and the realization of the true value of the underlying asset.

Key Benefits

  • Global AML & Banking Compliance
  • Bankable Fractionization of Assets Titles
  • Incremental Investment Unitizati
  • Distribution to New Market Segments


  • Creation of a Market Place for Spot & Forward Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Index Formation (Token of Tokens)


  • Real Time Settlement
  • Real Time Margin Management
  • Fiat Currency Settlement (T+0 to T+1)

Why Now

Now Is The Right time to start

The Future Of Real Estate: Tokenization And Its Impact On The Industry:

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Tokenization Will Transform Real Estate Investing & Ownership

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The Role of NFTs in Real Estate Tokenization


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Why Do We Need Tokenization ?

The Core Elements For Success

Tokenomics Is Everywhere

“Our future lies in tokenization and the use of blockchain technologies to help create systems & platforms that will reduce cost, improve performance and give transparency for everyone.”

Who is the Token Platform for:

  • Small, mid-size and large institutional companies that want to raise funds.
  • Companies that want to incorporate blockchain technology for its utility.
  • Institutions that would like to tokenize multiple forms of underlying assets and contracts.
  • Improving and optimizing payment systems, leading to reduction in costs and operational friction.

About the Platform

The first institutional grade globally regulated Exchange, to be launched, for crypto currencies and also for Listing and Trading Platforms for NFT/Tokens. This Exchange is providing smart contracts and blockchain technologies, for clients who want to minimize infrastructure cost, and utilize the best in technologies.
All this is designed on a secure, safe and fully redundant platform, which will ensure the success of your trading and listing.

Real Estate Tokenization

Real Estate to Token Flow


Structuring of Assets

Inserting the Asset into a SPV or REIT Structure



Depositing the shares of the structure with an approved custodians



Tokenization of the custodian receipts of the structure



The trading of the tokens within the exchange eco-system


Hedging & Profits

Pricing, hedging, and trading of the tokens to optimize profits of the investor


Unlocking the Value

Creation of a second asset class that is globally recognised and tradable within the eco-system of the exchange

Key Benefits & Differentiators

One stop solution

Key Differentiators of the Token Platform

    BCXCO’s Unique Utility Custodian Compliance Token Model (UUCCTM), allows the principles of global banking laws and regulations to be applied to tokens as a hybrid traditional contract and/or a tokens smart contract. This model allows the token to be accessible to all the jurisdictions which have traditional banking laws.


Key Benefits:

Real Underlying Assets for the token listing.

International Standards for Due Diligence.

Compliances of Issuing Jurisdictions of the tokens.

Speed, Reliability and Redundancy in Technologies.

International Standards for KYC and AML approved as per regulations of various jurisdictions.

Transparency of token Ownership.

Insurance on tokens that are deposited with the exchange custodians.

Compliances & Accessibility with the jurisdiction of the traders/buyers of the token.

Successful Processing

The Key to Success is Transaction Speed with Safety


Fast speed of listing new contracts


Full value trade & margin trades


Jurisdictions & local operations in multiple time zones, giving a wider range of markets during banking hours globally


Multiple custodians for asset management and holdings.


Blockchain clearing house technologies.


Multiple trading counterparties.

The Market Maker Program

Liquidity is the key to a Strong Market Place

The Core Reason:

for the Fortexchain’s Token Market Maker Program is to provide liquidity, stability and security for the new Tokens listed on the Exchange, for all those who trade tokens in the market.

Leading Market Makers:

The Fortexchain team will help you connect with the leading market makers and software algorithm trading solutions. This will allow your Token to have an unparalleled trading environment, in which it continually grows in depth and sophistication. Also, it will ensure a truly robust and resilient trading experience.

Key Benefits

Of the Token Market Marker Program

2 Way Market Pricing Program

Spot Trading

Volume Based Fee Pricing

Forward & Futures Trading

24 Hour Trading Liquidity

Margin Trading

Management of Bid & Ask

Swap Trading

Management of Depth of Market

Real Time Settlement

Algorithm Trading Solutions

Real Time Margin Management

Risk Management

Fiat Currency Settlement (T+0 to T+1)

Role of the Custodians

The Key to a Successful Exchange

In order to remove some of the most well-known risks of existing blockchain token exchanges, Fortexchain will use the services of independent, highly-reputable custodians to hold all token assets and fiat cash that its trading community intends to trade on the Fortexchain exchange. These assets will be deposited with the custodians and their movement from one trader to another will be closely managed by the exchange. The trader’s assets are thus protected from the financial or technical failure of the exchange.

Fortexchain Custody model is key to the asset’s safety, risk management, and its AML Compliance

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