About us

The Blockchain Exchange Company



BCXCO is a globally unique initiative to help create crypto currency and other blockchain technology exchanges, with a focus on institutional traders and investors, as well addressing the requirements of the retail clients. It will offer them an environment that is familiar and trustworthy, one that their national regulators will approve, because it will be operated to the highest international standards. BCXCO has evolved with the changes and the uses of tokenization, NFTs, digital identity, and other blockchain technologies, so that it can offer the cutting edge systems & solutions for all its offerings.

Institutional & Retail



Why is BCXCO Needed?

Current Situation

There are many crypto currency exchanges around the world which all share a common root in providing an online trading environment in one or more crypto currencies & tokens, aimed at retail investors and speculators. They began as trading venues where customers can exchange one coin for another and possibly for fiat cash although this is a rarer facility.

These exchanges concentrate on providing an environment which is familiar and trusted for its retail participants. Thus, they concentrate on making their trading websites accessible and attractive whilst emphasizing how secure and trustworthy they are. Unfortunately, there have been all too many examples of problems with these exchanges ranging from major hacks to spurious transactions and any complaints about how slow the transactions are to write back to chain and how the volumes and liquidity are limited.

There are other technical problems of risk that make professional trading almost impossible on the existing crypto currency exchanges. Just some examples include:

The variable and potentially long time it takes to write trades back to the coin’s blockchain adds risk and unacceptable delay

The settlement risk where KYC is variable and there exists the risk of accepting funds with no AML provenance

The institutional risk of the exchange itself which is often small, newly formed and with limited capital reserves.

Design Principle

The Core Elements to Success

The design of BCXCO began with the assumption that this was to be a exchange platform, that gave institutional participants all the regulatory and risk protection that they required combined with a familiar and fast trading environment. In short, we began by assuming we were building a traditional exchange and then adapted it to the crypto currency & token model. The exchange should provide fast, risk-free trading and real-time settlement whilst ensuring full regulatory and AML compliance. Offers streamlined registration setup, market and index pricing and a full suite of sophisticated exchange order types.

As an example of this effective compromise, BCXCO allows the trader to select whether each trade is settled externally to the coin’s blockchain or simply recorded on the exchanges own internal and external facing blockchains which means that there is no trading delay.

BCXCO has been designed to be the globally most effective merger of traditional and crypto currency exchange technologies.

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